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Laser Retinopexy

Improving your eyesight can help you improve your overall quality of life! One of the ways to achieve this is through laser retinopexy services. Dr. Parul Desai and the team here at the Desai Eye Center are here to help the people of the Edinburg, Texas area with their eye care needs.

Why Choose Desai Eye Center

When you are in need of eye care, you need an eye surgeon that you can trust. Dr. Desai is one of the most trusted doctors eye surgeon in the Rio Grande Valley area, serving the area since 2005. A 1984 graduate of Government Medical School in Surat, India, she completed her internship and residency in ophthalmology and fellowship in vitreoretinal diseases in India, working as head of the Vitreoretinal Department for three years at Rotary-sponsored Eye Hospital. She uses her experience and expertise to provide you with the services you need.

What is Laser Retinopexy?

Laser retinopexy seems like something out of a sci-fi movie. Lasers are used to create a beam of light that has very high intensity. These lasers are used to burn tissue, which can treat retinal disease. The purpose of laser retinopexy is very different than other laser treatment methods. Retinal lasers accomplish two goals, damaging the retina and forming an adherent scar between the retina and underlying layers of the eye. These effects are employed differently depending on the disease being treated.

What Type of Procedures Can Be Performed Using Retinopexy?

Retinopexy is typically used when the retina has been damaged most commonly caused by retinal tears due to a Posterior Vitreous Detachment. The laser energy is applied to burn the retina around the retinal tear that then heals and forms a scar that adheres the retina to the wall of the eye, similar to spot welding the retina in place. The scar tissue is strong enough to prevent the retina from detaching, even if there is still traction on the retina from the vitreous gel.

Recovery From This Procedure

Fortunately, the recovery process is next to nothing compared to other eye procedures. This is due to the fact that there are no incisions made in the eye. In fact, you don’t even need an eye patch or eye drops. Since the lasers can be intense, you may experience dim vision for 20-30 minutes after the procedure, but your sight will return to normal shortly. Since this does impact your vision – however minor it may be – it is highly recommended to have a driver on the day of any procedure to avoid driving.

Contact Desai Eye Center Today

If you think laser retinopexy services may be right for you, or you have questions about our other services, contact us today. The team here at Desai Eye Center is always ready to help the people of Edinburg, Texas. We look forward to helping you!

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